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Edalla3 3ala Keifak – Flirt as much you want

I just got finished translating, “edalla3 3ala keifak” for a client and I was thinking about the lyrics especially about the verb “ed-dalla3.”It means so many things in one. Flirt,  act coy, be playful, act spoiled. Translating the title of the song is tough. The best I could come up with is “flirt as much you’d like” or “play hard to get as much you’d like.” It was wonderful translating that piece and my client loved the job I did with it. If you’re interested in my translation , just drop me a line: colloquialarabic4@gmail.com

The concept of dala3 is so central in Egyptian style belly dance. I find that Egyptians love dancers with this playful, flirtatious, coy attitude. Grasping this concept is especially important when dancing in the “baladi” style. You are playing the part of that coy, cute Egyptian girl, NOT the belly dance diva in the blingy costume. Blah blah blah… Thanks for reading my rambling! 🙂


FYI this song is available on the Judy Jihan Reda CD and there’s also a version by Hossam Ramzy . Image


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