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Edalla3 3ala Keifak – Flirt as much you want

I just got finished translating, “edalla3 3ala keifak” for a client and I was thinking about the lyrics especially about the verb “ed-dalla3.”It means so many things in one. Flirt,  act coy, be playful, act spoiled. Translating the title of the song is tough. The best I could come up with is “flirt as much you’d like” or “play hard to get as much you’d like.” It was wonderful translating that piece and my client loved the job I did with it. If you’re interested in my translation , just drop me a line:

The concept of dala3 is so central in Egyptian style belly dance. I find that Egyptians love dancers with this playful, flirtatious, coy attitude. Grasping this concept is especially important when dancing in the “baladi” style. You are playing the part of that coy, cute Egyptian girl, NOT the belly dance diva in the blingy costume. Blah blah blah… Thanks for reading my rambling! 🙂


FYI this song is available on the Judy Jihan Reda CD and there’s also a version by Hossam Ramzy . Image


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Download a sample translation!

Download a sample of my work for free on my samples page here

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Cool Tidbit about Haifa’s song Ragab

I was reading an Arabic article about Haifa’s song Ragab. It was popular in Turkey in 2009 – a few years after it came out in the Arab world. Why? Because of political issues!  It became viral in Turkey following the little quarrel Prime Minister Rajab Tayeb Erdogan and President Shimon Peres at the Davos forum.

For those that may not know this already, the Turkish PM is named Rajab Ordoghan. (The song is called Ragab because it is sang in Egyptian dialect.)  In this song, Haifa is compliaing to Ragab (who we assume is her lover) about his friend who won’t stop bothering her. The Turks were likening this lyric to Israel. How funny is that?

NOTE TO DANCERS: This song isn’t political at all, it’s totally appropriate and danceable: just thought I’d share that tidbit with you. 🙂

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Oh la la – Belly dancing Orphan?

Here is a fun and really corny Arabic music video called Oh la la by a singer named Amar. Enjoy the music and cheesiness!

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Ba’olak Eih? What does that mean?

Ba’olak Eih is an extremely common Egyptian phrase. It means”I’ll tell you what….” Like in English, it’s a phrase that’s said right before a suggestion. When I’m watching an Egyptian soap (which I do very often), I hear this phrase more than 10 times a minute. I’ll also share a song by the same title, the singer is Angham:

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I’m back to blogging!

Hi all, I was on a short hiatus but I’m back to blogging and I look forward to translating for you all once again through my new professional translation company 🙂
Look out for special giveaways and freebie translations!

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Ala Meen by Superstar of Sha’abi Amina

This is a great upbeat egyptian pop song by Amina. This song is available on numerous CDs. Mainly it is available on her 2009 album titled “Ala Meen.” 

I just finished translating it which was great fun. The song definitely has that “independent woman” tone. It has the arabic script (which took me hours to transcribe myself since I couldn’t find the Arabic lyrics online), transliteration and translation. I also added my summary and some linguistic notes. It’s all a great value for just $10. Please consider buying. E-mail for orders. All paypal to

This song is also available on:

Bellydance superstars Vol IV

Superstars of Sha’bi CD


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