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Gaet men al Gharib

wala gatsh minak?

This is a song by a singer named Mohamed el Helw.

It was redone by Sim Sim el Amir and it appears on an oriental dance CD by Samasem.

This is a translation that I recently completed. I love it, it’s full of so much emotion!!!!!!

My favorite quote from the song is “Abu Rimsh y2tel.” Your eyelashes kill. It fits very powerfully within the context of the song.

If you want my translation, which is in idomatic english, makes perfect sense along with summaries and some linguistic notes, please send me an e-mail at I do charge a small fee because I put my heart and soul into my translations.

Here is the video. Enjoy the wonderful dancing:


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O Ye Father of Light Blood

In Arabic if someone says you have light (not heavy) blood, i.e. dam khafif, it’s an expression that means that someone is loveable and funny.

This is a phrase in Shaabi star Hoda’s song Ashoof Feek Youm, which is a translation done in idiomatic english along with transliteration and Arabic script done available for purchase. She calls her lover, “Abu Dam khafif.” The Father of Light blood? Not. Just a funny loveable guy. For more details purchase the translation. Drop me an e-mail at


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