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Some random Farid el Atrache Gossip

I just uploaded a video to my Youtube Channel from the 1952 movie Ayez Atgawez. The video is of Layla al Jaza’irya (Leila the Algerian) dancing to Farid’s composition Leyla. The song Leyla is still a very popular belly dance song today. It’s an instrumental song. Anyway, I was reading up on this dancer. She showed up in a few movies in the 1950s alongside Farid el Atrache. Apparently Farid discovered her in Paris and she went back to Cairo with him. They were involved and he even proposed to her. She refused because she wasn’t in love with him. Doesn’t that story refute the notion that Farid wouldn’t marry Samia because she’s a dancer?? Leyla was a dancer as well.


The Video:


Leyla disappeared from the arts scene after doing a few movies. She surfaced in 2012 in Morocco to speak at an event. She is married to a Moroccan former soccer player. This soccer player was the reason that she did not want to marry Farid. She was in love with someone else.

There’s some gossip for you all! Until next time!


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Oh la la – Belly dancing Orphan?

Here is a fun and really corny Arabic music video called Oh la la by a singer named Amar. Enjoy the music and cheesiness!

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