Cool Tidbit about Haifa’s song Ragab

I was reading an Arabic article about Haifa’s song Ragab. It was popular in Turkey in 2009 – a few years after it came out in the Arab world. Why? Because of political issues!  It became viral in Turkey following the little quarrel Prime Minister Rajab Tayeb Erdogan and President Shimon Peres at the Davos forum.

For those that may not know this already, the Turkish PM is named Rajab Ordoghan. (The song is called Ragab because it is sang in Egyptian dialect.)  In this song, Haifa is compliaing to Ragab (who we assume is her lover) about his friend who won’t stop bothering her. The Turks were likening this lyric to Israel. How funny is that?

NOTE TO DANCERS: This song isn’t political at all, it’s totally appropriate and danceable: just thought I’d share that tidbit with you. 🙂


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